– Barefoot luxury –

Because of our increasingly intensifying day to day life, we are always yearning for that period of slow life, the time where the presence of luxury is a mere evidence like the sun, the sea and the beach are.

But what defines this experience of indulgence?

Sure, a brand new car may feel luxurious. But is it really, when you’re stuck in traffic, hurrying from one meeting to the next? The same goes for large scale luxury hotels on famous hotspots. How Luxurious are they when you have to share the view (and the beach) with thousands of tourists and their cameraphones?

"We feel that luxury is something different"

True luxury is about the feeling you get upon seeing an unspoilt beach against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. It is about sensing the revigorating mist of fresh ocean surf on your face. It implies getting to know interesting cultures and discovering beautiful landscapes, or even better, to live amidst these. It is being able to have privacy while contact and honest services are available in a subtle way.

True luxury is being able to enjoy life barefoot.


Welcome to Baía de João d’Évora