Because of our increasingly intensifying day to day life, we are always yearning for that period of slow life, the time where the presence of luxury is a mere evidence like the sun, the sea and the beach are.


Sure, a brand new car may feel luxurious. But is it really, when you're stuck in traffic, hurrying from one meeting to the next? The same goes for large scale luxury hotels on famous hotspots. How Luxurious are they when you have to share the view (and the beach) with thousands of tourists and their cameraphones?

True luxury is about the feeling you get upon seeing an unspoilt beach against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. It is about sensing the revigorating mist of a fresh ocean breeze on your face. It’s about reconnecting with nature while enjoying modern day comfort and serene privacy. Most of all it means freedom, the feeling you get while jumping in the back of a truck in Mindelo underneath a blue sky, surrounded by magnificent light and colours.

True luxury is being able to enjoy life barefoot.

Welcome to Baía de João d’Évora.



Cabo Verde has no neighbouring countries – only coral reefsand endless ocean. When you are here, peace and quietness are guaranteed, while the lively couleur local is staring you in the face.

And yet getting to Cabo Verde is easy. Flying directly from Paris or Amsterdam takes a mere six hours. If you were to design a country from scratch to be the ultimate hideaway, you would design Cabo Verde.

It’s not so much a country as it is a string of unspoilt islands, clustered together over six hundred kilometres away of anything else. Cabo Verde is surrounded by the warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean, giving it a pleasant micro-climate all year round. Here, it rains only a few days ayear. And yet the mountains are green and lush, and covered in beautiful plants and flowers that roll onto gorgeous beaches and into the pristine waters of the ocean.

The island of São Vicente is the pearl in Cabo Verde’s chain. No where else will you find a richer tradition and cultural heritage, combined with true wilderness. Sao Vicente also boasts one of the most famous spots for Kitesurfing, and endless opportunities to go diving or sailing. And with a hop to neighbouring but very different Sant’Antao, you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled the world.

Zooming further in, the city of Mindelo strikes you with its colourful architectural richness and authenticity. Home to seventythousand locals, it’s where you can find the best traditional restaurants and one of the world’s most unique carnival festivals.


Only a short drive from the bustling urbanity, a new reality opens up. Baía de João d’Évora is what barefoot luxury is all about. Green in spring and a bright red in autumn, the only constant colour is the deep blue of the ocean. Here you get to experience everything: the luxury of your own home, the greatness of nature and a stunning view that is rivalled by none.

Baía de João d’Évora starts its new life with two synergetic projects, the Esculturas (luxurious villas) and the Aldeia (smaller vacation units with a lively boulevard).

The Esculturas are luxurious private villas, nested into the dunes. You’ll have your own open garden and swimming pool, an inside and outside kitchen and 4 to 6 modern bedrooms each with their own bathroom.The large windows allow sunlight to pour in and patio’s are situated quietly and serenelyaway from the Cabo Verdewinds. All of this in a durableand timeless manner.

There are four types of villa’s. Please contact us to discover your ideal getaway!

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